Design, Customization, Installation, Maintenance

Our process is different than your average pet store. With GoFish Aquariums, you are getting a full-service team who can design, customize, install, and maintain from start to finish your marine or freshwater aquarium. We use only the top manufacturers from around the globe and the very best in engineers, plumbers, and electricians, as well as aquarists, to ensure your aquarium remains beautiful and healthy day one and beyond.

New Aquariums

Aquarium Consult with Client- Our process begins with a consultation with Vince Kelly, the owner and president of GoFish Aquariums. He will discuss with you your expectations, find out what type of animals you would like to keep, and then determine how to best utilize the space available to best suit the animals’ needs.

Aquarium System Design – Then the GoFish Aquarium consultants  consisting of engineers, plumbers, and electricians work together in putting together the ideal filtration, lighting, circulation, etc. for the animals’ optimal health. What is also important is where is the best place for the life support system.

From there engineers go to work determining the very best equipment available and how to configure it for optimal results; determining flow rates and friction loss, sizing of pumps and filters, calculating light penetration. With GoFish Aquariums no detail is left to chance.

Once the system design is agreed upon, we move on to decor design. Our engineers and artists meet to determine how to merge functionality and beauty to the overall aquarium design. Once all the details are agreed upon the exhibit is AUTO CAD and sent for fabrications.

Aquarium Installation – Our team of professional plumbers then move in for the installation. Due to the vast experience of our staff, the installation process is completed quickly and cleanly.

Once the aquarium is installed, our biologists get to work to make it inhabitable for fish. Providing optimal water quality for your new fish.

Getting Your Aquarium Stocked – During the manufacturing process we would have been choosing animals and putting them into quarantine. Quarantine is very important to minimize the risk of introduction of parasites and disease into your new aquarium.

Aquarium Quality Checks – Over the next few months your animals are introduced and acclimated to their new home. During this time numerous water quality checks are performed to ensure optimal performance of the life support system. We are always available to our clients for any questions that may arise.

Existing Aquariums

A large part of GoFish Aquariums’ business is overhauling or optimizing existing aquariums. Unfortunately, not all aquarium companies are as knowledgable or use the same equipment as GoFish. Many people who set out to have a beautiful aquarium end up with an eye-sore that turns into a money pit. We have been the salvation of many customers who had nothing but problems and frustration with someone else.

First, we assess the system and see what needs to be totally replaced and what existing equipment we can utilize.

A total water quality analysis is performed to help determine what  in the system is functioning properly and what is not. We then turn all of the info to our engineers to determine how to best go about improving the system.

After this step it goes forward much like a new aquarium installation. We hand the designs to our professional plumbers while our aquarist works as project manager.

There is an added element of difficulty here as we have to first remove existing equipment and in most cases try to incorporate some existing equipment into our new design.  These types of jobs are much more difficult than a standard install that we design, but our professionals are up to any challenge.


Once your aquarium is set up, it is very important to continue the proper care of your aquarium. Beyond pet store or novice advice, GoFish Aquariums can provide continued maintenance for the lifetime of your aquarium. With maintenance you get:

  • Thorough cleaning of your aquarium
  • Water quality analysis

We also offer:

  • Necropsies
  • Custom or refurbishing of existing cabinetry


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