About Vince Kelly, President and Owner, GoFish Aquariums

Vince Kelly has had a love of the ocean and its inhabitants from a very young age. The first childhood memory he can recall is when his parents took him to the aquarium at 4 years of age. He watched the dive presentation with his face pressed against the glass in total awe of everything going on around him.

Years later Vince applied for a volunteer position at the world’s second largest aquarium. Much to his delight he was assigned to the marine mammal department. During that time he assisted the trainers with the husbandry responsibilities for the animals in their care. Due to his contagious enthusiasm and natural abilities he was trusted with some of the most important projects the aquarium had to offer. Vince often assisted in training and veterinary sessions with the aquarium’s: beluga whale’s, pacific white sided dolphins, harbor seals, sea otters, and 3 species of penguins.

After only 3 months as a volunteer he was hired to raise gentoo penguins from eggs that were collected from Antarctica in an off site quarantine facility. Following the penguins from their first feed, to getting in a wetsuit and joining them for their first swim was one of Vince’s most rewarding experiences.

A few months later Vince was accepted as a diver in their presentation exhibit, the same one that inspired him so many years ago. The first time Vince entered the reef exhibit he described it as a spiritual experience, culminating his childhood dreams while seeing children on the outside of the glass starting theirs, just like he did.

He continues with his love for the ocean and marine life by bringing it to your home or business with GoFish Aquariums. GoFish Aquariums began in 2002 and continues today to serve some of Chicagoland’s largest clients’ spectacular tanks. GoFish has been the premier service company for some of Chicago’s and Indiana’s premier lobster/seafood restaurants and most recently, has been featured on Animal Planet’s show “Tanked” with Acrylic Tank Manufacturing. GoFish also specializes in ponds and acrylic resurfacing of any home, commercial, or zoo and public aquarium exhibit.

You will find no one more knowledgeable and passionate about aquariums than Vince and it shows with all of GoFish Aquariums’ projects. Contact him today to discuss your ocean dream.