GoFish Aquariums Chicago Commercial

If you dream of having a custom built aquarium installed in your home or business, then GoFish Aquariums is your premier aquarium design, installation, and maintenance company. Call for a consult at 708-567-4513.


Like what you saw on Tanked? Have your own ideas for a spectacular aquarium? Call GoFish Aquariums today for a consult at 708-567-4513.

GoFish Aquariums Behind the Scenes with Tanked

Wondering how we did that 3,000, two-tank aquarium on Tanked? Now is your chance to see how this magnificent showpiece was created, installed, and what GoFish Aquariums can do for you and your underwater dreams. Call GoFish Aquariums at 708-567-4513 and let’s talk about your aquarium.

GoFish Aquariums Teams with ATM

GoFish Aquariums and Acrylic Tank Manufacturing work together to bring your ocean dream a reality in any shape, size, and customization. Call GoFish Aquariums today for a consult. 708-567-4513.